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This is the story of a girl [entries|friends|calendar]
Some Crazy Bitch

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[28 Aug 2006|01:16am]
New, college journal at toujours_la_bas.
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So, awards night... [01 Jun 2006|08:36am]
I just have a couple of points about it, not a full entry or anything. Most of you were there.

Michelle is better than Ryan Cameron.

Most of the awards were giant "DUH" awards.

Some how, I managed to get the KP Drama Master Thespian award. Um, shock. And, I got 250 dollars for it. Pretty damn... awesome!

Yeah, I also got the 'Excellence in Broadcast Journalism' award. Cha bitches!

Ice cream is good, especially when you have to go on a quest to find it.

We're from the fifties.

On another note:


I personally think that it would be better for them to come to graduation than awards night, but whatever. I'm so proud of Will and Jeff and it was wonderful all the applause they recieved last night. They deserved it.
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[22 May 2006|02:12pm]
Peace out.
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[20 May 2006|09:46am]
So, after three weeks of meetings, planning, keeping secrets, and all that good stuff, the accident simulation was yesterday afternoon.

It really hit home to some people, so I heard. A lot of people mentioned some others crying, or about to cry. I know, myself, I was bawling... but then again, I was actually in the car. Watching Adam not move all that time was incredibly frightening. And then when Will called my name as I was being wheeled away, more tears. I thought that was a nice little touch for Will, considering the fact that he's never acted before. Besides, we all had such a hard time knowing how to act in the situation, all of us had never been in a major accident before.

But sadly, it was lost on a lot people.

That's really too bad, considering how much effort was put in by the planning board of S.A.D.D. and the Wrentham Fire Department and all the other participants.

Well, thanks to everyone that actually paid attention.
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[19 May 2006|02:15pm]
And that, kids, is why you don't drink and drive.
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[06 Apr 2006|06:25pm]
Do mi do mi do so mi do
Every truly cultured music student knows
You must learn your scales and your arpeggios
Bring the music ringing from your chest
And not your nose
While you sing your scales and your arpeggios

If your faithful to your daily practicing
You will find you progress is encouraging
Do mi so mi do me so mi fa la so it goes
When you do your scales and your arpeggios

Do mi so do

Do mi so do do so mi do
Though it seems at first it doesn't show
Like a tree ability will bloom and grow
If you're smart you'll learn by heart what every artist knows
Your must sing your scales
And your arpeeee ee eeggioooooooooos!

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[28 Mar 2006|03:30pm]
I got rejected from Emerson.

I'm so upset right now.

And, I'm going to Fitchburg State College.

Go Falcons?
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[22 Mar 2006|04:37pm]
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[08 Mar 2006|05:15pm]

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[01 Mar 2006|02:40pm]

Believe it or not, when I looked at the script the first time I was like... OMG LIZZIE = PENNY!


I'm Rheba, the black maid.

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Kristin and Liz, you've heard my complaining already sooo... skip over this entry [27 Feb 2006|04:34pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Oh god, I am so nervous about the auditions for this play. What happens if I don't get in? Because unfortunatly, there is that possiblity. You know what, I know what'll happen if I don't get in, I'll fall into that same loop of depression that happened last year spring time and sophomore year before that.

I don't wanna go through that again. It's just plain not fun.

I wish I could just go up to Mr Ferriera and Ms Logan and tell them all of this, tell them that I depend on drama for happiness. Nothing makes me happier than performing. Making people laugh, cry, smile, think, whatever, it's amazing.

I think that I was born to be an entertainer in some sort of way. School next year at Fitchburg (which is probably where I'll end up) will be great for me. I'll be able to be a part of the drama and dance clubs and I'll be learning for my career- making television programs, which provide entertainment.

Now, I've done my research. I've read this play through twice and I want it so bad. Hell, I would be OVERJOYED by playing Gay, the drunk actress who has three lines and then passes out. That'd be awesome, because at least that way I'd be getting to act. Put me on the stage and let me shine, that's been my moto for quite a while now.

One thing that really bothers me is the fact that they're going to be type casting up the wahzoo. I don't know what my typecasted role is. The sweet girl? Maybe. Oh god, there's also the fact there's quite a few new people. That makes me tremendously nervous. I have no idea what to expect out of them, you know?

I have feeling that this'll be a terrible audition for me, too. I have the fucking flu for crying outlouded and I have to go deliever a monolouge? I don't know... I don't know. I changed my audition piece today, I can't believe that I waited so long to decide. After all, the Valentine's Day one doesn't work any more.

Ugh, I have a fever again. It went down for a little bit and now it spiked up again. Fuck. I'm gonna be bundled up all over tomorrow during school. Should be interesting.

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[27 Feb 2006|09:58am]
I have the flu.

Fuck it.
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[25 Feb 2006|07:08pm]
I'm a sucky friend.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to Preveiw Day tonight.

My mom wouldn't let me go anywhere after she took my temperature this morning.

Okay, one hundred and one is not that high- let me go!

I suck.
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[25 Feb 2006|12:13pm]

You Should Be A Cancer

What's good about you: you're incredibly kind, caring, and generous

What's bad about you: you can be too moody and impossible to understand

In love: you enjoy wining and dining the object of your affection

In friendship, you're: likely to depend on other friends for emotional support

Your ideal job: historian, marine biologist, or religious figure

Your sense of fashion: you dress to match your mood

You like to pig out on: classic home cooked meals, like mac and cheese

Ha ha, that's my actual sign.
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[21 Feb 2006|08:53pm]
I miss the Italy kids.

Hope you guys are all safe and having a great time!
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Stolen from Annie, who stole it from Beccles [15 Feb 2006|05:26pm]

Do it.
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[13 Feb 2006|08:30pm]
I wish I could have gotten up the courage to ask him to be my Valentine.
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[09 Feb 2006|08:02pm]
I love power outages
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[09 Feb 2006|04:18pm]
Last night, for the first time, I felt like I was good at something.

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[07 Feb 2006|03:17pm]
You Are a Schoolgirl!

You're not quite as wild as a "kogyaru", but with your short plaid skirt
and silly white socks, you're still a sexual fetish object.
You can usually be seen hanging out in the girly section of the video game places,
collecting photobooth stickers of you and your friends. You may not be as innocent as you look.
Did those vending machine panties once belong to you?

I love blogthings.com
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